Friday, May 23, 2014

Cool Shit 5/23

Bruce Lee had what he called the "one inch punch," which could knock an opponent down from, obviously one inch away. How is this possible?

The story of the Sherpa tragedy at Everest, and a look at what it might mean for future climbing.

Has anyone connected HAARP with global warming? Because if not, I want to be the first on record to do so. And now with news that it might be shutting down, watch those temperatures plummet us back into the ice ages!

Are we that weird an animal that we have to have our foods artificially colored to enjoy them more? Regardless of just how dangerous dyes might be to us (and they're probably pretty dangerous) why can't we just eat a naturally colored food and be done with it?

The time travel in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure mapped out in chart form.

A completely subjective ranking of snack chips.

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