Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cool Shit 5/22

I feel bad for the Wachowskis, because this Jupiter Ascending is looking to be the bomb of the summer. And some part of me wants it to work, because I'm sure it has some interesting ideas and cool things, but if we've learned nothing for mega successful "blockbusters," it's that the audience needs time to immerse themselves in whatever world you're developing. That's why the Matrix worked. The audience learned about the Matrix along with Neo. It's also why the second two movies in that trilogy were a little messier - the plot came fast and furious, and didn't allow anyone time to react.

It's why the original trilogy of Star Wars worked. We learned about the dark side the same way Luke did. It's also why the second trilogy didn't work; Lucas crammed a bunch of shit together and hoped we would be dazzled by the effects...effects plenty of other movies were doing as well.

Story matters, people! Story matters!

Drones are only going to get more prevalent in our world. Learn as much about them now as you can.

Of course you want to see every face punch from Roadhouse:

The "27 Rule" for rock stars.

Enjoy this documentary on what it's like to hit up The Gathering of the Juggalos.

Shark Week is coming!

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