Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cool Shit 5/7

Need to bulk a bit? Commit a crime, get thrown into prison and learn how to lift some weights!

The importance of encryption is only going to grow as we move into the future. Here are some simple steps if you want to start thinking about protecting yourself right now.

In the moment, the Now That's What I Call Music CD compilations are usually met with disdain by music fans, as they offer little more than the tinny, gum ball pop heard on the radio. But if you take the series as a while, which has recently released its 50th(!) compilation, it's a great archive of what pop music has been, and how it continues to evolve. Here's a look at every song released under its umbrella.

More information about Wu-Tang's release of one album museum tour - this coming out of Morocco.

Oh and here's a snippet of the album:

Care to read about Monica Lewinsky's side of the sordid affair?

Yesterday I gave tribute to the United States' national parks. Today, Canada gets a turn!

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G. Lightfoot said...

No one-eyed man could ever forget
The Rocky Mountain sunset
It's a pleasure just to be Alberta bound