Friday, May 9, 2014

Cool Shit 5/9

So I don't know how long it's going to last on the Internet, but you may have heard (if you're a big nerd like myself) that Topher Grace recut the Star Wars prequels to make better sense. Well, now you can take a look at it:

Just in case you needed to know how a silencer worked on a gun.

Finally! A how to video on how to build a time machine!

How to Build a Time Machine - Teaser from Jay Cheel on Vimeo.

Enjoy a look at how the 2014 Fall Television season hopes to line up.

I want to believe this news fight from Syrian television is real, but it takes crew members so long to react once the table gets broken that I have my suspicions. Regardless, anything like this happening on Meet the Press would get me to watch. And don't think the MtP producers aren't taking notes...

Cher and Wu-Tang, together at last.

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