Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cool Shit 5/21

The sports world is not innocent of conspiracy theories. Here are eight you may or may not have heard.

You smoothie addicts need a powerful blender, and some of you won't rest until you have the best. But which one is it: the Vitamix or the Ninja?

Summer is rapidly approaching here in the United States, which means road trips are coming back into fashion. Here are a few you may not have been thinking about - but should.

Planning an event and need to book some entertainment? Then this list of what popular music acts are charging will be invaluable to you.

Could True Detective, season 2 feature Jessica Chastain and Brad Pitt? I guess if both actors agreed to it.

Potential plot for Jurassic World. I realize many movies are simply a quick cash grab, but have we learned nothing from the evidence that suggests a monster movie with a cohesive script can succeed even more than expectations? Because this story sounds downright insane, and possibly co-authored by a 4 year old.

Like bourbon? Then make sure these 12 are on your wish list.

A river, underwater, in Mexico. Yes, this exists.

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