Monday, May 5, 2014

Cool Shit 5/5

While a somewhat leading title to the article, it's always interesting to hear about "lost" or "scrapped" albums by artists. That Britney Spears went through a period with one is even more so.

What is the guy who thought up and created Loose Change, the 9/11 truther "documentary" doing these days? Pretty much about as much as you would expect.

I'm really beginning to question the lists made at Flavorwire, and suspect not much thought is being put into them. This list of "most frightening gangsters on film" include 3 characters who aren't gangsters. And while it has Christopher Walken on the list, it's for his role in True Romance, NOT King of New York, where he was a much scarier gangster. And why, since they obviously wanted to include Gary Oldman in some capacity, didn't they pick HIS character from True Romance, instead of from The Professional, where he plays a cop? This is just a bad list. And that's why I'm including it. For its awfulness.

Read about what some suggest is the most innovative restaurant in the world.

Not sure why we need Stephen Hawking to tell us the threat of A. I. when we've all seen Terminator and The Matrix.

If you're a Stanley Kubrick fan, you will marvel at all the things you can buy inspired by his movies.

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