Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cool Shit 5/27

I hope this concept of solar powered roadways doesn't end up the way of Tucker. But I have my doubts big business will see this as a viable solution; more of a competitor that must be squashed.

Most likely the closest you're going to get to feeling you're a professional tennis player, check out what it's like when Roger Federer wears Google Glass:

I always loved the concept of MiB - Men in Black. And then that stupid Will Smith movie came out and not only destroyed the legend, but also destroyed the opportunity for new people to be scared of the concept of men coming to visit you after a supposed UFO encounter. But that doesn't mean it still doesn't happen!

Craft beers is so early early 2014. Right now it's all about craft booze. And now you can check out some of the better small-batch distilleries.

Learn stuff you didn't know about Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

While it's hard to surf the internet without stumbling into a list of amazing places around the world, I still like to include them on the off chance people may have missed one or two and are updating their bucket lists.

Traveling around the country by plane, and need a drink? Check out these airport bars.

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