Friday, May 2, 2014

Cool Shit 5/2

Read about how much pesticides you're ingesting with your food.

Care to see the new Black Keys video?

...or maybe you'd like to see 50 fencers take on three in a battle to the DEATH?

There will be a moment, probably sometime soon, when we push the modern laws of physics to their breaking point in our quest for the best roller coaster ride. After looking at these new 6 roller coasters, it may happen this summer.

Hassling the ice men. All they want to do is provide their treats to kids! (Of course, types out like that may be the reason they've been getting hassled). Of course without the existence of the ice cream man, we would have never gotten this - the pinnacle of Van Halen pretentiousness, mixed with the pinnacle of Van Halen's awesomeness:

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