Thursday, October 30, 2008

Remember music videos?

MTV is back in the music video business...sort of. Because I assume they have a library of a million videos from back in a time when that was the thing to do, MTV has launched a new video service on the web where you can go and relive your coke-filled 80s life.

And to celebrate this great new catalog (I still can't tell if it's complete or not) The Popcorn Trick has decided to choose some of their favorite videos of yesteryear. Take a look on the flip side...

While some of the groups took the easy way out (boo!) and simply used stock footage from their concerts to use as videos, others really sunk their teeth into the medium. It is these videos I fondly remember for their dated looks, overacting and melodramatic grand gestures. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Genesis: Land of Confusion

Everyone remembers this one. I can picture it now...Phil Collins begging the group to go with the puppets because it's the one thing that makes the actual Phil Collins look better. And then we get the whole political slant with Reagan nuking us all in a hazy dream.

Toto: Africa

Does it get more pretentious than this little thing right here? I'm genuinely asking. This video houses some of the greatest unintentional comedy the world has ever seen. It starts off with the oh-so-serious drummer with his Gloria Vanderbilt glasses and Courtney Cox blouse. That he thinks this look is working for him is amazing. Of course he's Sgt. Rock compared to the keyboardist, who comes out of nowhere. Other notes...

  • The book motif...uh, sure.
  • Every video is roughly 12 times better with the appearance of a gong. I worked out the equation.
  • I'm not 100% sure, but I think if you added up the total, Toto would have the most amount of hair combined than any other band in the 80s. Yes I'm including pubic hair.

Tom Jones: Sexbomb

Tom Jones, working about the same amount of facial cosmetic surgery than Sharon Stone and Madonna combined, makes a pitch to the youth of America with this "hip" little diddy. I don't think it worked, as it waddled away into obscurity...until now. Looking slightly less animated than Bernie on his 2weekend jaunt, Jones, wades through a sway and a shutter once or twice before the audience truly loses interest. I can think of no better video to show us the lengths a fading pop star will go in an attempt to reach the kids.


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