Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Podcast 14.0oooohGirlThereAreALotOfPeopleOnThisPodcast (Pt. 1)

Goose & I got together with some of our Nectar of the Gods buddies, had some beers, and turned on the mikes.

Then we said a bunch of shit.

And then we left Goose to edit it down to something coherent and consumable. Did he do that?

Listen and judge for yourself.

If you aren’t already subscribed, search iTunes for “Popcorn Trick” or click here. Let us know if you have any problems downloading the episode. There were some issues when we (I) first uploaded it, but it should be fixed now.

Here’s some audio-visual aids to supplement some the things we talked about.

You’ll laugh. You’ll learn.


James Woods: American Hero


James Woods: Enemy To The Stallone Family


Claudia Schiffer from her heyday. AKA 1992.


This guy knows time machines. And Nazis. And NASA conspiracies. And how to sneak ham into Walmart.


Never trust Katherine Heigl to take out Baby Hitler. That’s why I say you should cut off one of his adult hands.

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