Monday, March 26, 2012

Use Me Polish

Guaranteed to be the best Polish funk version of Bill Withers' Use Me Up you hear today!

(At least I think it's a cover)

Also, this gives me a great opportunity to post one of my top 10 Youtube videos: Bill Withers doing the original, in what may be the greatest instance of cool ever assembled in one room...

I mean, obviously, the king of cool starts with the drummer right off the bat...but then we soft fade over to the keyboardist, who almost looks bored to be a completely cool way...then we obviously get Mr. Withers, sweating out the intensity of an unbelievable song - there's no turning back from this performance right now...but wait what's that? Another soft fade over to lead guitar? What a hat, topping off this closed eye performance! And then as we pan around the room again, we get just a tease of the bassist, since you know, he's LOUNGING ABOUT, DROPPING ONE OF THE MOST RECOGNIZABLE BASS LINES IN MUSIC HISTORY (in my eyes) before we come back to the drummer, giving us a big shit eating grin.

Now, normally, a person with such a grin would be immediately disqualified as being the coolest person in the room, since the grin is pretty much admitting that he's just happy to be there, a most decidedly uncool emotion. But somehow, he pulls it off!

And I haven't even mentioned Mr. Withers pulling off a salmon covered turtleneck sweater. Name me one other person that can pull that off. ONE OTHER PERSON!

I'm not sure if you ever played the "what if" game with a time machine and a musical performance (what one concert/musical event would you attend in history if you had a time machine) but this is my destination.

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Anonymous said...

Księżnica Mego Serca - that means 'Princess of my Heart' in Polish. SO I guess it's just a nice rip off :)
More amazingly, if you type Andrzej Zaucha into Google Translate, it gives you... JENNIFER LOPEZ!
Some kind of cold war conspiracy??