Friday, January 30, 2015

Cool Shit 1/30

The Kanye West/Paul McCartney collaboration now has a video, obviously directed by Spike Jonze.

Enjoy these "fun" possible future scenarios of our society!

Some Friday morning Giger is probably the best way to snap you back into the cold harsh reality of this existence you call life.

Sundance film shot on iphones!

I want to see the Back to the Future sequel that has Marty McFly kill himself - the Mary McFly that was created in the alternate timeline. I mean, I guess that was the basic premise of the movie The One with Jet Li, but I feel Michael J. Fox looking to kill his double to keep the new timeline as pure and paradox-free as possible would make for a far more interesting movie. Also, I think I could write another 30,000 words on this topic.

I imagine body hacking is going to get a lot more popular in the near future, resulting in lord knows how many deaths, because I think it's fair to say, that collectively as a species, humans are stupid.

The scary part of this list of the top 10 most played songs on Pandora isn't that it's comprised of bands that cool people think suck (seriously no one's opinion holds much weight over another's); it's that data like this is being collected and will most likely influence what makes it to the airwaves for us to listen to.

For your next party, put some of these candles out, and imply to your guests that you might be a serial killer.

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