Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Links of Interest 11/11

What it’s like to be Woody Harrelson.

We all know Lady Gaga is simply following the playbook of Madonna, right? Right?

The best miniseries of the last decade.

Even if you’re not rich, you don’t want to skimp on these items.

I’ll be honest, while in the article someone suggests that this dome is one of the symbols of the South Pole, and to simply destroy it would be a shame, I didn’t even know the South Pole had a dome. Of course, I’ve never been to the South Pole. Can’t we get Biodome 2 up and running and kill 2 birds with 1 stone?

The quick rise – and quick fall – of Crocs.

Hackin’ it up in Baltimore.

Laws that geeks would live by if they existed.

Look, I like Greek mythology as much as the next guy, so I have no problem with updating the masterful Clash of the Titans movie. It has a lot of potential. But there are two gross injustices in this trailer: 1. It appeared at one point the main character was looking directly at Medusa. Aside from the story that doing so would turn you into stone, that destroys the nature of a very tense scene from the original when Harry Hamlin used his polished shield to defeat her. Granted, it was less than a second of film so maybe it’s out of context, but I’m still worried.

2. I saw no evidence of a mechanical owl. There is NO excuse for that.

Talking with John Cusack about 2012. The movie, not the year.

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