Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Links of Interest 11/4

what you probably didn’t know about google.

Willie Aames – wood worker. Oh, and there’s a really depressing middle part to this story as well.

Hall & Oates: The Interview.

The Hoover Dam is getting a bridge…near it. You won’t have to traverse the dam anymore if you don’t want.

These things kinda take the camping out of camping. Which I guess is the point.

I’ve probably linked to this before, but I’ll do it again because it’s cool. Surfing the Amazon.

Snitches get…riches? That can’t be right.

Got an iphone? Then you’re probably going to want these apps. As long as you’re rich and have plenty of money to waste.

A look at Obama’s first year as president, and how the public can seemingly be manipulated.

A Baldwin and a Martin set to host the Oscars.

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