Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Night 2 of The Prisoner

I'm not going to even try to attempt to recap what happened on last night's two episodes, because it is so all over the place, so chicken scratched, that I'm having a hard time even thinking about it. And since it concludes tonight, all I'm waiting for is the Jacob's Ladder ending where everything gets explained.

But somehow I doubt everything will.

Like the idea that everyone seems to go apeshit crazy when finding out they can eat wraps.

Anyway, what I decided to do instead, in anticipation of the conclusion tonight, is take a look at some of the ways they might possibly try to end this thing...

Ending #1: It's an alternate universe.
Odds: 5 - 1

The most telling clues are not only the overlap of storylines from the fake New York (I refuse to call it New York because I'm pretty sure they borrowed the set from Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut New York scenes) and the mystical semi-transparent towers seemingly overlooking the Village. It also wouldn't take much to explain it since...well, isn't it always easy to just say alternate universe?

Ending #2: It's an actual prison based on what he did in his "previous" life.
Odds: 99 - 1

He can't leave, he can't escape, and he's surely being mistreated. Mentally at least. And We have to suspect his company before his Village visit was dealing in some shady stuff. Whether he knew about it or not remains to be seen. Hopefully. Though with this show you just never know. The reason the odds are so high? Why would they be fucking around with him? Why not just throw him in a cell?

Ending #3: He's the son of 2
Odds: 10 - 1

2's wife knew about 6 after being in a comatose state, so we have to assume he's important and not just a guy they brought in to help with keeping the population numbers high. Maybe he gets the Village bequeathed to him after 2 kicks the bucket? And he has to learn how to run things before that happens? Stranger things have happened. Ok, not really.

Ending #4: It's all a dream of 2's wife.
Odds: 1000 - 1

Easy cop out and oh boy, what a major disappointment that would be.

Ending #5: It's Heaven/Hell
Odds: 50 - 1

The ending du jour people jacked off about after half a season of Lost or so, I doubt The Prisoner would take it for theirs. Still, there's a lot of detail put into color and there's some pit symbolism, and the big glowing balloon could be interpreted as "going to the light."

Ending #6: It's the future
Odds: 20 - 1

Maybe 6 just fell asleep for a really long time and woke up and this is now what the Earth is. Scattered villages fighting for surivival. It wouldn't much explain the whole "Lucy" storyline, but then again I'm guessing not a lot is going to be explained at the end.

Ending #7: 6 is in a coma and the Village is just made up of pieces of his past.
Odds: 9 - 1

Oh boy, I really hope this isn't it. Like some bizaare Wizard of Oz/St. Elsewhere thing, this idea has the potential to be bad news and cause me to throw things at my TV. Or want to throw things because I love my TV too much to cause it damage. Maybe I'll just throw things at Jim Caviezel if I ever get the chance for starring in this thing.

Ending #8: The company put him in the Village to break his spirit and find out what he knows about them, find out a bit of information they need to know, or stash him there because he knows too much.
Odds: 3 - 1

Obviously his "past" as an analyst has to play a part in this. It seems as though the company he worked for was this giant "Big Brother" type entity that could pull something like this off. So I'm thinking this ending has the best chance of happening.

Of course, if I were really betting, I'd take the field, as I'm almost certain none of these conclusions are going to happen. Personally, I'm just hoping Moe has something to do with the eventual rescue.

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