Thursday, November 12, 2009

Links of Interest 11/12

The twenty most important tools ever, according to Forbes. Apparently, no one at Forbes is planning on outerspace travel, as the towel is conspicuously absent. I also agree with about 4 of the things on the list.

AV Club continues it’s decade of television retrospective by looking at the best shows of the decade (really there aren’t too many surprises) and the best single episodes of popular shows that aren’t on that list.

See what the city of Hong Kong looks like during the day and at night.

James Cameron has a new movie coming out called Avatar. I read the script roughly 10 years ago, so I’m sure there have been changes made. I hope there have been changes made. Please tell me there have been changes made. Because when I look at the multiple trailers, it doesn’t look like too many changes have been made.

Is anyone else frightened JC is going down Lucas Boulevard and ignoring story for technological wonder? Or possibly just making a big video game?

Another meme internet site that might have you intrigued – Waffle House People.

Interview with the 2 guys that make up the band MGMT.

Yeah that’s right. I’m linking to an Adam Lambert cover story.

A phantom town in England somewhere. Sounds about right.

Don’t think I’m not thinking about giving this out as Christmas presents.

Interview with Wes Anderson.

If you’re excited for the new Monopoly movie (and who isn’t!) check this out.

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