Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Links of Interest 11/24

Places you might want to check out in case the shit goes down.

What a cheery thought – praying for the death of others. In this case, Obama.

Interview with Wes Andersen.

Who doesn’t like awesome vans?

Super powers that were maybe uh, not so super.

This Thanksgiving the most important recipes might be for the drinks.

My new favorite thing: Backyard roller coasters.

1979. The year everything changed. I guess the Smashing Pumpkins were right.

?uestlove talks about his favorite Late Night with Jimmy Fallon moments.

That sushi you’re eating? Could be endangered. It’s like The Freshman only in reverse!


mndleftbod said...

my buddy I work with has been obsessed with building a backyard roller coaster.

He has his plan drawn up and was figuring out ways to heat and bend PVC.

I told him to call his township to see what type of permits were required...they basically told him they have no jurisdiction on them.

I'll post the link when he dies..

Goose said...

please please please let me know when he gets this thing going so I can make my very own backyard roller coaster accident video!