Monday, November 2, 2009

Links of Interest 11/2

Fiction piece by Stephen King.

Sometimes porn can be bad for you.

Picking out the good from directors dealing with small formats in anthologies.

Anyone ever see The Boondock Saints? Think it demanded a sequel?

Childhood admission: I had a huge crush on Penelope Ann Miller. I loved her in The Freshman. Never understood why she didn’t break bigger. Maybe this will give us all some insight into the matter.

One of my dreams is to have Christopher Walken read something of mine. Lady GaGa can strike it off her bucket list.

Why are monsters so popular?

It’s Monday morning, why not blow your mind with some mathematical mystery?

Scientists create a haunted house.

Want to be a better restaurant server? Follow these helpful tips and customers will enjoy the dining experience – and most likely come back and tell their friends to come. See how it works? (via kottke)

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