Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Links of Interest 11/17

A look at the top inventions from 2009.

Talking to Cobra Commander – Joseph-Gordon Levitt.

I love bad movies. And I really love bad movies that no one has not only never seen before, but also has never heard of before. Enjoy.

I want to write a great novel. Thankfully, these authors will tell me how.

Video shot from the tallest structure in the world. Enjoy the vertigo!

Esquire writes about songs you probably haven’t heard in 2009.

I dubbed the 80s the “Decade of the Action Figure” mostly because it’s when I grew up and I don’t know any better. Here’s a list of the best action figures of that decade. #1 is no surprise, but I think the Star Wars figures are ranked a little low. I bet I could write a 10,000 word essay about how they started the action figure craze.

Arguably the greatest living writer sits down for a chat with a newspaper (this is news!). Be warned, his books are a good measure of his personality.

I’m not sure where you stand on headshrinking – the validity of it, not the morality – but National Geographic is cooing that it may have the only concrete footage of its existence.

Oh, threesomes. I’ll never forget when Seinfeld turned one down. Not because I think everyone should immediately enjoy threesomes (although that’s a pretty good reason), but because of his lame excuse.

I doubt I have to tell you that Yoko Ono thinks differently from you and me.

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