Friday, November 6, 2009

Links of Interest 11/6

Tina Fey’s favorite 30 Rock moments.

You never know what Google Street View is going to find.

What’s your “drop everything” movie?

Sure animated films usually skew to a younger audience. But that doesn’t mean they also can’t be creepy for an older audience.

You might argue, but the Big Mac is not the craziest thing McDonalds sells. It’s the second craziest thing.

Want to be the most awesomest person in a kids life? Get him/her one of these gifts.

It’s always shocking to learn an NBA star can’t rap.

There’s a reason why Nicholas Cage is broke. He bought ridiculous things.

Steve Albini writes about what’s wrong with today’s music.

Cool islands seen from space.

LSD and the US Army.

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