Friday, April 11, 2008

I made you a "mix tape."

Remember when the best/coolest way to declare your love to someone was to make them a tape of songs? The time and effort devoted to choosing the perfect songs to tease the ulterior motive likely destroyed more relationships than it fostered. And ending it with “In Your Eyes?” Yeah – not your most original idea.

However, it was sort of sad to see the death of the mix tape. Sure CDs can be burned now, and playlists can be shared more prominently than ever on the Internet, but I have yet to stumble across that one website that affectionately remembers the fun and spontaneity of a mix tape.

Until now… is simple. You upload songs, arrange their order, give your set a name and then share it with the world. It’s easy and best of all, utilizes your record collection. If you want to put “Into the Mystic” next to that cool yodeling track you recorded with your dog – you got it.

And so, to break my muxtape cherry and yours (hey baby…) I humbly submit my first mix for your enjoyment. No, it’s not a declaration of love for any of you (I love you all, but we’re not at the mix tape stage yet) it’s something to get your feet moving. Who doesn’t love the funk? Throw it on when you’re pretending to clean your house, and in no time at all your neighbors will be gawking at your awkward body gyrations as they peep at you through your windows.

Click here to get your body jangly!

Trust me when I say I took waaay more time than I needed to choosing songs and choosing an order. Just like a mix tape should.

Seriously, if this doesn’t get you dancing, well then you’re just plain stupid.

And please – try it and throw your links in the comments. The community of music just got a neat ally in, and we’d be silly not to share.


Cline said...

Here's mine. Totally unrelated to recent events.

Goose said...

hmmm... so are you saying you bought a new car?

Cline said...

Yep. A used blue 2003 Honda Element. The dealer delivered it with a wreath on the driver side mirror.

Goose said...

I'm gonna be honest...I have no idea what that means.