Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Following: Week 2

It's not that I set out not liking shows. Honestly, I want to like a show like the Following. There's a concept in there that could be taken and shaped into a compelling drama. Heck, it could even use some of the old tropes that many serial killer shows before it had and still be an entertaining series.

Unfortunately, the show has decided to take a different route; a route where a cheap, non sensical twist is a frequent rest stop for this show, eschewing a tight plot and sensible story structure.

This week we saw the introduction of a new character, Annie Parisse, an expert on cults, brought in to lead the investigation. And boy oh boy is she going to bump heads with Bacon's Hardy! Because they have different investigating styles! And are attractive! And will undoubtedly hook up at some point this season...because that's what evil Tom Carroll will have puppeteered.

The crux of this episode is to learn more about the 3 people that kidnapped Joey, the offspring of of Joe Carroll. Already thin on believability for at least a thousand reasons, we are to believe that Carroll, from prison concocted and brainwashed 3 college-aged students to wait 5 or 6 years to pull off this heist. (Quick aside: why did he wait so long to put this plan in motion?)

So anyway, the three (the nanny and "gay" couple) are now simply living in a house in some remote area, keeping an eye on Joey, playing house and raising and lowering the internal suspicions within the group like a stereo equalizer. Because apparently the nanny (Emma) was one of the "gay" guy's girlfriend - set up by Joe. While he was in prison. Oh and she killed her mom in front of him.

It hurt to type that last paragraph out.

Meanwhile Hardy is saving the day by figuring out another one of Carroll's disciples was set on murdering Carroll's former wife.

There's a whole bunch of other stuff that happens too - including a man in a really awful papier mache Edgar Allen Poe mask beating up Hardy and then later setting a man on fire in broad daylight. Oh, and we're led to believe that FBI Agent Parisse could be in cahoots with Carroll. Of course, with the premise of the show that Carroll is some sort of modern day Jim Jones, don't we have to suspect everyone? In fact, because of the blatant suspicion they threw on her, I'm going to put her in the "she's not working with Carroll" column. In facter, she might be the only one who isn't at this point.

The point is, it's ok to add a twist or two on a show...but when you build you entire plot around twists, they quickly lose their spontaneity and effectiveness. I predict that will happen very shortly with The Following. And since the show really has nothing else going for it (aside from A game Kevin Bacon, who I really feel bad for) it leaves us pretty much with nothing.


The young FBI kid is working with Carroll.
Kevin Bacon has a lot more secrets...including working with Carroll at one point.
The one "gay" guy is really gay even though he says he was only faking it.

What are your theories?

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