Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Popcorn Side Trick Chat: Podcast #2, or “How else is Cline stupid?”

…And we’re back. Back scrambling. Back in black. Black in the back.

…And I’ll stop that before I get too racial.

We recorded another, dare I say, hilarious podcast. This time we’re joined by an unnamed, mostly silent 5th member. While adorable, he or she, is a bit timid on the mike. And for that, we are grateful.

In the place of telethon skits, we now have intimate behind-the-scenes glimpses into our camaraderie. Mostly, we make fun of each other. Original, huh? Truly, we are trailblazers of humorous gentlemen.

And we recorded it on an iPad.

Check out the “OUR PODCAST” section on the right for details about getting the podcast via iTunes. Or you can download it directly.

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After the jump, I’ve added some supplementary videos to help you fully understand and appreciate our art. Enjoy.

Thank goodness we never had a chance to deliver any of our bad pickup  lines to Black Girl Superhero. She would have just thrashed us.

Though if she let her guard down a bit, I think one or two of them might have melted her cold, cold heart.

As a random comeback, it’s fine. But as a superhero catchphrase, “Mmmm-hmmm…” needs some work.


This is, by far, the worst place I’d ever want to do sign language. This guy has issues…


I’m calling bullshit. If these guys are deaf, how are they lip-synching so sexily. I mean, accurately.

These guys have SWAG!


This does raise the very valid question of how studio audiences reacted to Very Special Episodes. Though it’s criminal that there’s no Gordon Jump reactions. Maybe one of them is his grandson. Probably the one on the left.

I included this solely to piss off 2 of our podcasters. I mean…

  1. It’s totally understandable that 2 of the 4 “competitors” had their nugget count more than doubled by the 2 others.
  2. Also, there’s no way that said podcasters could outdo these guys.
  3. And finally, it’s totally acceptable that 2 nuggets were left in the tray.
Also, this could have been sped up more. Also, the normal speed audio was somehow disconcerting.


That’s all for this episode. Come back next time, won’t you?

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