Monday, May 11, 2015

Cool Shit 5/11

In the sports journalism world, Bill Simmons leaving ESPN was big news on Friday. Here's a great summary of what most likely happened to cause the split.

I have to believe Glen Beck is simply an entertainer, creating bizarre yet entertaining performance art pieces. I refuse, for my sanity, to believe there are people who sincerely believe things like this:

If you're really into Aphex Twin music, this is for you.

Captain Kidd pirate treasure found?

It's college graduation speech season! What better way to kick it off than with these historic graduation speeches?

These "best" Whose Line Is It Anyway sketches are great, but can't truly be considered the best because none of the British shows are included. I implore you to head over to youtube and watch some of those - the American ones often immediately go for the gag, while the British ones build to the joke. It's fin to see the different nuances between the two. Also, there is no greater host than Clive.

Letterman's last days are upon us... you know, before he became the Carson for the X Generation, Letterman's late night show was just... weird. And different. And something that a lot of people were influenced by. And the feuds he created, or fueled are a little reminder of that weirdness.

It's always good when three influential groups of a creative endeavor can't seemingly agree on how to end that endeavor. Yay, Game of Thrones!

So, Lucas wanted to make episode 7 with a bunch of teenagers. You know, because he did so well with the prequels.

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