Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cool Shit 5/20

This article says there are nine questions you may be too afraid to ask about the Illuminati. But I might suggest every question you might ask about the organization that runs the world might invoke some level of fear.

Oh good, something called "Spider Rain" exists. And it's exactly what t sounds like.

Speaking of creepy things coming from the sky...what's with all the weird, mysterious noises?

I never wanted to have a remake of Point Break, and now this description of it only fuels my rage. I get that calling this a remake of the first will possibly get some fans of the original into the theater, but enough to make it financially successful? It sounds nothing like the original. And it also sounds stupid.

Lando making a comeback in the Star Wars universe?

Want to be a billionaire or something? Start with Bill Gates' summer reading list.

Late night innovation that began with David Letterman.

The potential ugliness of traveling faster than light.

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