Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cool Shit 5/5

Blowing up a Lego Star Destroyer. Because we can:

The next Star Wars movie rumored to be in the pipeline? A Boba Fett origin story. Wonder how much of the clone stuff they will carry over from the prequel movies. Hopefully none if they want to make this thing any good.

Speaking of Star Wars, here are some photos that will only get you more excited for the next movie coming out.

This just in! Soda is really bad for you.

Just pointing a telescope into the dark regions of the universe will tell us so much.

So Avengers: Age of Ultron made a shit ton of money. But is it any good? Personally, I think it missed the mark. I thought Ultron was not nearly fleshed out enough (pun intended) wasting the likes of James Spader. I thought it was disjointed in a number of different ways that hurt the movie's logic (why would Ultron care again about the twins?). To me, it seemed the parts between the three battle scenes should have gone through another dozen rewrites. I thought the Hawkeye stuff was Whedon basically hooking him up after the short shrift he was given in the first one, a terrible reason in itself. And I feel that this is the movie that is going to start the talk about "superhero movie fatigue." I wish Whedon had spent more time with it, because as it stands right now, it was messy.

I can never get enough of these videos... natural waterslide:

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