Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cool Shit 5/21

David Simon is bringing another show to HBO this summer.

Wait, Bin Laden was a 9/11 truther? This changes everything!

Seriously though, there's been a bunch of recent Bin Laden news coming out, from the new idea that he wasn't killed the way the US Government told us he was, to the US Government releasing a bunch of information on him. Read up on that here.

So yeah, apparently Bjork threw together a surprise DJ gig at the Tri Angle Records 5th Anniversary party. Check out the setlist here, or trip your balls/boobs off with the set right here...

Almost paper-thin wallpaper television screens? Take my money!

More evidence that no one really knows how to tell the different between expensive and cheap wine...

Tomorrowland opens tomorrow. But you can read about the city that inspired it today.

Just remember, when at that voting booth, it's not always a simple question between Republican vs. Democrat. Meet Zoltan Istvan, he of the Transhumanist party.

Enjoy mountain climbing/hiking stories? I haven't read it all yet, but it has piqued my curiosity, so I share it with you.

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