Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Good...the Bad...the Beautiful #10


A lot Of Hold Steady banter here at The Popcorn Trick. And that's not a bad thing. Check out this video that starts out as a Muppets band performance (and they would definitely play music like this) and then uses the rest of the cast to turn it into a dead on spoof of music videos.

The Bad and Beautiful on the flip side...


Oh boy. I see a lot bad with this. From the beginning scene where I can't tell who the "sidekick" is (Pacino? He barely speaks in this thing!) to the awful bastardization of Sympath for the Devil, I don't have high hopes for this one. When they sat and drank coffee with one another in Heat, all the tension was built in what wasn't said. The same doesn't look like it can be said for this movie. I wonder which one of them is the bad guy. It's shaping up to be Pacino. At first, I thought that meant the director would pull the switcheroo and make it DeNiro. But that would almost be smart, so I'm sticking with Pacino.

The only good thing I saw was Dennehy as a cop. Surprise surprise!


It's funny. While I know nothing about this Bond movie, I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be good. Why? Because they've mixed action with substance it seems. They've given the viewer a reason for all the explosions and violence. The makers don't view the viewer as stupid (aside from choosing the name. What the fuck is that about?)

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