Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Links of Interest 9/3

I love the Internet. Why? Because although I have no need for a list of products that are sold on Indian roads, I sure as shit find it interesting.

Now, just in case I get incredibly bored with my home life, I have a new project - a homemade roller coaster.

I've seen Oz, so I of course know exactly what Death Row is like, but for the people who haven't seen the HBO masterpiece, enjoy this article about what it's like to live on Death Row.

Bullfighting is fascinating. Even when you eliminate the argument that it's cruel to the bull, the pageantry that lives on in the sport seems so antiquated in these times. I pass no judgement since I've never witnessed one, but this article explains a lot about it.

Who knew the album cover of Houses of the Holy wasn't a painting?

Along the lines of bullfighting, exorcisms also seem antiquated. And yet apparently they're still performed. As an aside, maybe I should learn a little Latin, you know, just in case I'm somewhere without a priest and something goes down.

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