Friday, September 19, 2008

The Good...the Bad...the Beautiful #13


It starts off pretty much as a lame used car commercial, but then it slowly gets better. Warning, I would recommend ear phones or watching it in the comfort of your home. Some of the language is saucy.

Check out the bad and beautiful on the flip side...


Rolled up white sports jacket? Check.
Thin tie? Check.
Iconic actor over emoting before he was famous? Check.
Over hyped product that failed miserably? Check.

Yup, we just had an 80s flashback.


Charlie Kaufman movies always leave me depressed. I'm not sure if that's the point or not. I know they're usually labeled comedies. Synecdoche is his directorial debut. It looks, cool, and I'm sure it will be a mindbender; I'm just not sure I want to make myself so sad watching it.


hendge said...

See, now if Costanza was selling ostrich burgers, it might have worked. Because, you know, they say ostrich has less fat, but you eat more of it.

Wow, that Kaufman movie looks like a lot of work ... for the viewer. Yikes.

Goose said...

Yeah, you gotta know what you're getting into when you walk into a Kaufman movie.