Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Good...the Bad...the Beautiful #14


Oh sure, no one would ever admit it, but Zachariah is singing about something all full blooded males have thought about. Honestly, there isn't much Zachariah can do that I won't find amusing. He got jobbed on ESPN (definitely should have won that stupid anchor competition) and he was great doing the announcing on Dodgeball with Bil Dwyer (who can do no wrong in my eyes either).

Bad and beautiful on the flip side...


Going into this, I thought I was going to get a whole lot of awesome. Instead I got potential contestants acting silly and 8 seconds of Bob Barker looking bored. C'mon!


Watching this is hypnotic. Her bum...her moves...her hat. Not sure if the outfit was purposeful or not, but if so it's a brilliant choice. She gives just enough so that you want see her in something more attractive. I like to call it "peekaboo cute."

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