Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Links of Interest 7/1

A "best of" books list that skews toward contemporary literature.

Kinda cool, but first a little backstory. Netflix has been running a “contest” where people could win $1 million dollars for improving upon their “recommendation” engine. Seems like someone was able to pull it off.

Are you interested in a list of the best movie robots?

No one is really sure what this is. Be careful, it’s a little disturbing. The video is apparently of a sewer drain and what people have found in it. I dare you to watch the whole thing. And no, there's no surprise at the end. Just 2+ minutes of icky.

The cup holder. A bigger innovation than you might have imagined.

Is it possible to create a space shield?

Anyone remember soda fountains?

The seemingly impossibility of running out of fish, is becoming a possibility.

Is the mall as we know it disappearing? This list of malls in trouble suggest that.

Sometimes, it’s not always good to be the good guy.


mndleftbod said...

I think the Granite Run Mall is in trouble. I only go there for chik-fil-a and if I need a Deion Sanders suit...

hendge said...

RE: soda fountains ... if you ever find yourself in Old City, check out the Franklin Fountain on Market b/t Front and Second. An authentic old-school soda fountain and ice cream parlor. Legit right down to the no air conditioning. And started by a couple of Penncrest grads.

Goose said...

I've heard Granite Run Mall is getting a makeover. New bookstore, new movie theater and new restaurants.