Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Links of Interest 7/8

Awesome amusement park rides. Ok fine, some might suggest they're also dangerous.

It’s possible Corey Feldman might want to elicit advice from others before going out in public.

Ever find yourself sitting at work, wondering what former 120 Minutes host Matt Pinfield was up to?

A look at the MJ funeral from yesterday.

TV shows that bite back at critics.

Because it’s there. And they have a small boat.

Rule to live by when taking a poll or multiple choice quiz. If Kilmer is an option, you take it.

Cool blog that shows chefs taking fast food and making it fancier.

Dante would be proud…the 9 levels of Hell for the living. My favorite? Level 4: A Denny’s restaurant near a high school right after a school play.

How do Slim Jims keep so well?

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