Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Links of Interest 7/7

The French may hate us, but they love McDonalds.

I guess there’s something to be gleaned from this, but I can probably already guess what it might feel like.

It was the AK-47’s birthday yesterday.

What’s Zach Galianfianakis’ next move?

The internet has unofficially adopted the cat as its mascot.

Bad economy means more women look to turn tricks.

Is how the media covers plane crashes an indictment of how we value some lives over others?

At least half of The Popcorn Trick enjoys the work of David Foster Wallace.

Not all child pornography is equal. However, the question is, does that matter?

Designers take a crack at making business cards for prostitutes.

And to continue with designers imagining what if scenarios – here’s a look at how retirement might affect superheroes.

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