Monday, July 6, 2009

Links of Interest 7/6

I guess this is Wired’s clever way of bashing their least favorite albums. I don’t know.

Getting tired of Google? Not giving you the results you want? Try these search engines.

A really detailed article on Moby’s album Play. You know, the one from 1999.

Awesome jailbreak spoiled by no fun police.

Yes! I’ve been waiting a long time for news like this!

Snacks of yesteryear we want to see make a comeback.

Hopefully tomorrow they’ll be taking a look back to the cast of Caddyshack 2. I’m interested to see where Jonathan Silverman wound up. Pitching Weekend at Bernie 3 ideas?

A graph showing the relation between a baseball team’s total salary and current record.

No two ways about it. This woman is badass.

A chart that explains what the locations of tattoos on the body represents.

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Cline said...

The 2 "good" songs they list on the Sgt. Pepper soundtrack are 2 of my least favorite covers ever. Especially the EWF version of "Got To Get You Into My Life". Horrid.