Friday, July 24, 2009

Links of Interest 7/24

A rant about the shuffle mode on the iPod.

What the internet was invented for. 80 rock and roll saxophone solos reviewed.

Romance novelists
are necessarily who you think they are.

3 possible scenarios here: 1. Coincidence. 2. Creators of Wall-E listenend to The Wall a lot and tweaked some stuff to sync things up here and there. 3. Pink Floyd invented a time machine, traveled to 2008, watched Wall-E, stole a copy, took it back to 1979, wrote The Wall around it, hid their invention of the time machine and waited 29 years for everyone to catch up and hear their brilliance.

Thought it was a bad year for movies? You haven’t seen anything yet.

Lines you should probably stay away from during a job interview.

5 apocalyptic scenarios to cheer up your Friday.

As we broadcast television , it goes out into space. See how far and what our space overlords can currently watch.

For the alcoholics out there.

Ever wonder about how Dune influenced Star Wars? I dare you to read this.

Awesome 360 degree panoramic photo.

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