Monday, July 13, 2009

Links of Interest 7/13

A look at Paul Giamatti.

Can data explain why, as a nation, we’re fat.

Is Ikea really as awesome as you think?

The movie District 9 – cool or stupid?

A list of live shows a pretentious magazine says you should see.

Of elevators and men.

Some lovely examples of taxidermy.

I have to imagine I would be good at this. ‘Tubing.

These cities are old.

Celebrity cameos when they play themselves.

1 comment:

Bart said...

On D9: on the interwebs movies are either fantastic or totaly suck, there's nothing in between, but thats 14 year olds for you..

Personally im hoping for a Children of Men kinda movie: solid near future-SF with visual flair and not too much bullshit. Looking at the trailer i guess it will be allright: production value is high, the story slightly original, filming style is nicely half realistic shaky-cam combined with media-style.

So unless your into highschool musicals there's no reason to complain. (Yes, something nicer would be better, but well, you got to stay realistic and i think it could be a lot worse)