Thursday, July 23, 2009

Links of Interest 7/23

Interview with Kevin Spacey.

Does MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” get it right? This former pregnant 16 year old tells us.

More fast food taste tests.

Awesome close up volcano photos – even Harry Dalton would be impressed. A little.

Pictures of the eclipse that was pretty much only visible in the Far East. (Quick aside: Do people still refer to Japan/China et al as the Far East?)

Anyone want their own personal submarine?

Cheap ways to turn a nice evening into a night of boom boom.

Sure, these Japanese commercials are crazy, but why not revisit this list of Japanese commercials as well? There’s more and one shows a really stupid Meg Ryan.

A movie monster size comparison chart.

Your enjoyment of this article depends on where you stand on Crocs.

A google map that pinpoints locations where famous album covers were photographed.

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