Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Links of Interest 7/22

Those 2 AM calls to the “party lines” you don’t think anyone knows about? The government is totally on to you.

Yeah, that’s right – Sugar Ray has a new album coming out.

I’m not sure how much we appreciate how awesome the Apollo 11 moon landing was. Here are some reasons why we should.

Grant Morrison is an insane comic book writer. And that’s saying something.

A look at what will be at this year’s Comic Con.

An interview with Dave Eggers.

Cover songs that match their original. On the Devo one, I guess I’m turning in my hipster ID, because I am not a fan of it at all. To me, it’s a novelty that belongs on a compilation of comedy songs. And as for Walk This Way…I don’t think I would classify the Run DMC version as a cover. More of a reimagining. Especially since the original artist (Aerosmith) is involved.

Traveling to the bottom – the very bottom – of the ocean.

I thought there was something sketchy about that Apple company.

The complex city that is Venice, and the challenges it is facing.

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