Friday, July 17, 2009

Links of Interest 7/17

Wes Anderson’s perfect mix tape?

One shot of a really large aquarium.

Looks like Russia is trying to get the jump on getting to Mars.

What once was impossible to listen to is now easy to find on the Internet.

Mysterious glowing clouds.

Emmy nominations are out. See what got snubbed.

College pranks are always good for a chuckle.

Real life spy exploits that kick ass.

I know the Mythbusters did it, but now National Geogrpahic is doing it – busting the fake moon landing conspiracies.

Huge blob of goo floats past Alaska. Next thing you know, some company is going to bottle it, and sell it, where it will then control our minds and bodies and plenty of terrible acting. (I hope you appreciate that reference).

1 comment:

Bart said...

The reference to the stuff is good, although i first expected The Blob :p