Monday, October 5, 2009

The Best Hour of Television: 2009 Edition

I've watched a lot of television in my time, and it's a rare thing these days when something on it surprises me.

That's what made TLC's My Monkey Baby last night so amazing.

Made aware of its existence early last evening from my Twitter feed (thanks @Caissie!), I quickly scanned my channel guide to ensure A. I had the channel; and B. I would be able to see it in HD. Hey, I'm a snob, what can I say?

Now, I knew that the hour long show would be entertaining, but I was not prepared for just how entertaining it was. In fact, it took less than 10 minutes for my wife to turn to me and ask, "so they're having sex with the monkey, right?"

The show followed three couples in different stages of having a monkey (monkeys as is revealed with one couple) live with them. As you'd expect, each couple has a variety of problems that having a monkey in their home obviously mask. I'm not a psychologist, but it's clearly evident, these people should be seeing one.

One couple boasts a guy who knew at such an early age that he didn't want kids that he traveled the country looking for a doctor to give him a vasectomy at the age of 22. Luckily he succeeded in finding one. That he now wants a monkey to baby seems to add some kind of wrinkle, but honestly, of the three couples, he was probably the most stable.

The next couple, obviously suffering from empty nest syndrome (and is probably a few ticks away from Munchausen syndrome by proxy), likes to dress and put makeup on her monkey. The monkey also served as a bridesmaid to the couple's wedding. Enjoy this clip of the husband being interviewed (sitting in a chair in his shed drinking a beer - something that seems might happen frequently).

That of course seems almost normal compared to the third couple, who obviously don't share a bed (this clip kind of visually confirms that), and consult an animal psychic over a veterinarian when they have questions (like whether or not the monkey swallowed hormone medication in the car).

The third couple also have at least 4 monkeys living with them; why they seemed to mainly focus on one felt a little cruel to the other three. I'm hoping those monkeys don't grow up maladjusted.

I heartily recommend TLC's My Monkey Baby, and if you see it on, watch it. No matter what you think going in, it will surprise you, and entertain you. If I had one negative comment about it, it would be the lack of in-depth reporting and ignoring of the hardships one certainly has raising a wild, feral animal in their home. To me, the special felt like a extended fluff piece you would see on the news.

Regardless of that though, I'm pretty sure you will get a lot out of TLC's My Baby Monkey. Here's hoping they recognize the goldmine their sitting on and will greenlight the series. I know I'd watch.

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