Thursday, October 1, 2009

Links of Interest 10/1

JJ Abrams next project? A possible spy series.

Speaking with a copy editor for the New Yorker magazine.

Wait a minute? Robert DeNiro was supposedly playing the devil in Angel Heart? Louis Cyphre? What was the tip off?

Parkour is rapidly gaining popularity in American cities.

Ok, I get it. Our society is split completely down the middle when it comes to politics. Everything has to be black and white. There is no grey. You’re either for or against based on which television talking head you listen to. But really, can we please stop short of suggesting a coup? Please?

Hmmm. This Kinda seems like a big ol’ Catch-22. To save the planet, we must destroy the planet.

Might want to start booking some flights to see some of these places sooner rather than later.

Infiltrating the Freemasons…may be easier than you think.

Breaking down Superman’s powers scientifically. Yeah, this is a lot of detailed information about a fictional subject.

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