Friday, October 30, 2009

Links of Interest 10/30

Philly fans go soft.

Chris Farley is dead. Apparently DIRECTV doesn’t care.

Interview with Alfred Molina. You’ll know him when you see him.

Check out this list the next time you’re facing a monster and see what you’re up against.

So we averted crisis how, exactly?

A third trailer for Shutter Island? One more and I’m pretty sure I will have seen the whole movie. Go here to read my writeup after the second one came out.

I’m having a hard time classifying this as a tree house. It’s like 6 feet off the ground! My definition of a treehouse has to include a ladder, the option of a rope to climb into it, and a trapdoor in the bottom to scare all the girls should they try to take over inside.

We’ve seen lists of scary movies. Now how about unscary movies that are supposed to be scary?

I haven’t seen Paranormal Activity. I’d like to but I keep hearing mixed reviews. Of course, that’s probably the inevitable backlash every hyped movie receives. I do wonder if it’s little more than a really good episode of Ghost Hunters. Anyway, with the scuttlebutt of its producers already receiving a green light for a sequel, here’s a list of movies that are perhaps more deserving of a sequel.

I hope it isn’t too surprising to learn drug companies are corrupt.

Early celebrations that maybe shouldn’t have been started.

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