Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Links of Interest 10/7

A real life Fantasy Island?

Everyone likes the winners on Dancing With the Stars, but who were the worst contestants?

At least one level of our educational system is having fun with their mascots (take a hint, Lehigh!)

Worst CGI? I’d suggest it’s the best CGI. I know I will now never fall asleep while driving, lest my van spins out of control and rolls over 900 times at an inhumane speed.

Two glaring things wrong with this list. Sega ’94 hockey was not better than ’93, because they took the fighting out, which means the Devils’ Troy Crowder has no reason to be in the game. And there’s no love for Sega NBA Showdown ’94 – the greatest NBA video game of all time.

Boy, geek movies sure leave a lot of unanswered questions.

20 greatest Monty Python sketches.

Interview with the Mythbuster guys.

The case of the Top Gear crew and the Alabama Rednecks (via mentalfloss).

Blowing up landmarks for the sake of entertainment.


Andrew said...

Totally agree with your comments on video games. NHL '93 was far superior to '94 because of the fighting aspect. The "one-timer" introduction was cool, but kinda made it to easy to score. If you were skilled enough you could pull off near one-timers in '93 anyway. And NBA '94 maybe greatest console game of all time.

mndleftbod said...

the 4 way play in NHL '94 changed my life. No longer were you waiting 4 games until the next time you played again and you had an actual ally on your side to talk shit.

I have kicked people out of my house, thrown beers and spit on my own TV playing that game. No other game since has pulled out that kind of emotion in me.

Goose said...


I stand by my statement that taking fighting out and making it easier to score diminished it (slightly). A Probert/Crowder fistfight could last minutes in my college dorm room.

But I'd also say that Sega hockey (any of those early 90 incarnations) were perhaps the best sports games ever.