Thursday, October 22, 2009

Links of Interest 10/22

Lars von Trier has a new movie out and it sounds juicy!

So, how is the new television season going so far?

The A.V. Club looks at slasher films.

Delicious, delicious booze you’ve probably never heard of.

The latest from Improv Everywhere. It’s amazing how they’re able to capture the crappiness of an actual musical. I mean that as a compliment! Kinda. (I’m still a little curious as to how they captured it all on video as well. The camera work almost seems to good to not be conspicuous as people are shopping.)

With flu season coming/here/ending (really I have no idea when flu season is), here are 10 myths about it.

I can barely cross two lines with an Etch-a-Sketch.

In search of Opium dens.

Seems like the best drug of all is sensory deprivation. (via kottke)

Things you may not know about The Simpsons.

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