Friday, October 9, 2009

Links of Interest 10/9

So, anyone hear about this new movie Paranormal Activity?

Some of these are repeats, but I will never tire of news people losing it on the air. Apparently, it’s my kryptonite.

Some people waste their lives trying to attain silly goals. And there’s this guy, who’s trying to visit every Sizzler in the United States.

Who doesn’t love clowns?

Want to eat right? Michael Pollan has some rules for you (via kottke).

Living amongst the homeless (and reporting it!)

Oh good, slaves may have picked this apple I’m no longer really enjoying.

It seems as though the New York Times has realized social networking sites might be here to stay. So they’re helping their readers with a glossary of some of the terms one might see on there.

Why we don’t trust flu vaccinations (though it doesn’t touch on the “government can then track you” angle)

More stuff science doesn’t have the answers to.

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