Thursday, October 29, 2009

Links of Interest 10/29

Man, sometimes that Twitter can get you in trouble.

Now this is a monastery.

Rooting for the bad guy in the movies is not the same in real life.

Remembering the awesomeness of MTV’s Rock and Jock.

A new way to search for music on Google.

Remember It may be dead, but there are other sites out there ready to replace it.

Music videos - maybe not a dead art form just yet.

The questions maybe no one will ever be able to answer. (via kottke)

Another list of television shows that may or may not survive the year.

Ever wonder what Martin Scorsese believes are the scariest movies of all time? (via popcandy)

Anyone else feel this might be cool? I assume after 3 days I would quickly change my mind, but still.

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