Monday, October 5, 2009

Links of Interest 10/5

Remember when we all scoffed at Hilary for suggesting there was a “vast, right wing conspiracy?” Yeah, well maybe we’re the stupid ones.

As much as we like to say how much we should get back to nature, we’re really moving in the complete opposite direction.

I really love a good long song, so it’s possible I might later post my favorite 10+ minute songs.

Screwing around with Scientology.

More awesome news about Arrested Development.

Anyone else remember Bloom County? I hated that stupid Penguin. Bill the Cat was a gimmick. Steve Dallas rules your face and Portnoy for life, bitches!

A food phobia might be the scariest of them all (via Kottke).

Secrets that only 2 people know (via mental floss).

Video of the “best” villains of in cinematic history. Look, I realize these things are subjective, and can never be definitive, but there are still boundaries you must play within. The inclusion of Drexel Spivey? Yes, he was a cool character that all the high school juniors love to quote. He was also a five minute character. And was taken out fairly quickly. And had no bearing on the rest of the movie. If you want to include Gary Oldman in your little movie, why not his character from The Professional. Apologies if I missed him, but he was a much more engrossing villain than Drexel Spivey. And ignoring Bond villains? Oddjob? Jaws? Goldfinger? This is just off the top of my head.

Regardless, the video is mesmerizing and put together well. I recommend watching it based on that alone.

I know cider donuts are good. So are cider slushies. So why not cider alcohol?

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