Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Links of Interest 10/21

Interview with Willem Dafoe.

Sure, Saturday Night Live did a parody of it, but then it started to become a reality. But is there any advantage to adding blades to a razor?

Will we ever see the company Atari as truly visionary?

Buzz Bissinger, the guy who wrote Friday Night Lights (and who once accused me of stealing his jacket – long story), is not a fan of Moneyball.

A closer look at laugh tracks, by Chuck Klosterman.

Do you know why the north and south poles are different?

Asteroids, the arctic tundra and hovercrafts
. Wasn’t this the plot for Kate Beckinsale’s last movie?

Here’s something I can get behind – letting children watch the right kind of television shows.

A list of the top 13 game show hosts. I’m gonna be honest – think this list is good. Recognizes some of the people you might not immediately think of (Chuck Barris) and shies away from throwing up some current guy just to be with the times. Might move Dawson up some, but hey, who am I? (via popcandy)

I love spiral staircases. I really want to install one in my house. Probably not one of these though. Unless I can get the Jesus one. (via mental floss)

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gdr said...

Game Show hosts list is pretty good. TTTT guy is the only one I am not familiar with. Martinadale is a little high for my liking and Convy's a little too low. I would expand the list to 15 so that Jim Perry and Bill Cullen can get some props. Card Sharks and Sale Of The Century were two of my favorites (both Perry) and Cullen did a ton of shows. Honorable Mention to Geoff Edwards, part because he spells his name correctly and part because Treasure Hunt was unwatchable without him.