Monday, October 14, 2013

Cool Shit 10/14

Some crazy roads that you might want to think about visiting before you die. Some you've seen before, but some may be new. Think of roads as our modern day pyramids.

Halloween always invokes lists of horror movies. Here's one that lists movies "you" haven't seen that will scare you. Nothing too shocking on here really, but I am excited that they included The Exorcist III on the list as it really is scary and a good sequel to the original (the 2nd one should be avoided at all costs). Furthermore, I'm glad they called out the scene in it that really is scary. While I've included it below, you will lose a little something since it it out of context. Within the movie the scene is spectacular.

Outlaw country, a genre of music that doesn't get nearly enough attention or accolades it deserves. And now, here's an oral history of how it started from the artists that started it.

Say what you will about Banksy, I fell his ideas are at least clever and still hold a message. Yes, I realize he's a polarizing figure, and much of his stuff feels more like a stunt and less like art, but I also believe that messaging is actually art. And selling his art in Central Park as knockoff imitation art is brilliant.

This expose is going to destroy everyone who gets their education from the lids of iced tea bottles.

Well, I never...this article is suggesting that wine labels are affecting how we buy wine!

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